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February 18, 2014


I recall feeling like a real alien in Mea Shearim when I visited Jerusalem.
It was my fault, I was the intruder, but goodness, did I feel uneasy, even though I had dressed conservatively and was trying very hard to be invisible.
I suppose we all have our habitats...

Challah, rugelach. Ho-hum. Would you settle for Piper Maris here in Hereford? Or asparagus from Peru.

Always, I've been curious about lifestyles different from mine but some you cannot even break into.

I have often been in Outremount (it's close to my neighbourhood) and marveled that, on a street like St. Viateur, I see young women in very abbreviated outfits that are even sometimes transparent, strolling past Hasidic men and women in their distinctive garb. Though there is no intermingling, but there is room on the sidewalk for both.

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