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February 19, 2014


Fun drawing!

I love the way your sketch captures that vignette, the winter wardrobe in action -- or, in that dog's case, in INaction. . . . Quite sure I have that same hat pattern saved somewhere -- it looks like a useful way to use up leftovers.
And ah, the basil -- what a promise of summer lushness!

I will leave others, who are more capable than I am, to comment sensibly on your drawing. I will say only that I was drawn to the dog that lay beyond the drawing, just as our Mol draws me to her.

The cap is beautiful! I keep meaning to start knitting. Soon.

Thanks, Bill!

Frances, yes, I liked those little details when I re-viewed the drawing and must have been interested in them at the time, too. Funny how we choose what to leave in or take out.

Tom, thank you, I'm glad it works that way for you.

Hi Rubye -- Thanks for your comments and compliments on the hat! Knitting is really pretty easy, so I hope you do start!

I like the drawing too, it captures the waiting room feeling and the personality of the woman and her dog. Is the dog muzzled and if so, why? Is it a rule in Montreal? Or just in waiting rooms?

Good drawing. I envy you your talent. And also the knitting. And your plants. You are a woman of many talents.

Oooh. luscious hat! I love how women wear riotous layers here.

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