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February 26, 2014


Oh! That is a touch of sheer magic.

Oh, so beautiful, Beth! Words and images alike.

I love On the white lakes below me, skaters moved silently; small notes on a large page of music and wooden sticks and steel brushes beating rhythms on the city's stretched, white, oval skin.

Oh, the light! The dark! The caught movement! I love these shots. . .

You reminded me that I haven't been skating on the common yet this winter (a 5 year tradition!), something I'll need to remedy.

I love those raspy rink sounds, which carry so much better at night without the ambient traffic noise. Years ago I lived next door to a small city rink; a city worker on skates would flood the ice at night and sing spirituals while doing his work.

In the top picture, the pair skating next to each other seem to be rising above their respective inner, or former, Calibans.

It's inspiring how you catch these moments with a photograph and an equally redolent short text.

Lovely winter night!

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