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March 31, 2014


Wow Beth this really brings us along with you, thank you!

Great photographs, Beth! I love the woman with the perfectly striped shawl, and the guy taking a selfie, and that geometric staircase. That Carlos Slim hourglass is stunning, too. Something about it with the plaza steps around it seems very Aztec or Mayan to me, despite not being pyramidal. Just the size of it, I guess.

Very interesting. I am not a great lover of modern architecture but I do recall, whilst watching a recent DVD of Monty Don's world tour of gardens, seeing a garden in Mexico set around a very blocky building, in various colours, that the impression was one of being a perfect setting. It might not have fitted anywhere else in the world, but in Mexico it was just right. It would seem to me, therefore, that modern architecture is as much about external environment as it is about shape, colour and internal use. Perhaps too much modern architecture ignores the applicability and effect of the environment.


Here's a post on Mexican architecture from Londoner Ben Pentreath, who went looking for the work of Luis Barragan in Mexico last January:


Wow. It must have cost a fortune.

So often only the interior or exterior is a standout but this seems to deliver both, as well as the treats of special corners and glimpses. Like other commenters, I really enjoyed these photos.

Ooooh! Now you made me really want to go!

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