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March 24, 2014


The sun shines through the photos. The cactus makes me nostalgic for Mexico, like a logo of that country and my happy time there. Will you have a chance to go into the countryside on this trip? The city is fascinating but there's so much more Mexico beyond its boundaries.

An embarrassment of riches! We're scheduled for a few more inches of snow tonight, but it's slowly subsiding. Enjoy all the warmth and the color. What a tonic!

You are such a good photographer! You sure do look northern down there, you more than your husband, as you say, who could fit in there for looks! (-: I love the quizzical expressions of the couple with their little girl.

Lush and lovely, all!

Thank you......from south west Michigan!

Everything is gorgeous, including you two.

For some reason my thankful, complimentary comment didn't get through.

Pretty and handsome human blooms!

Hello lovely you two!

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