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March 22, 2014


I am curious. What is the water purification system you are using, and can I purchase it here in the States? Thanks.

What a delightful post! If I ever get to return to Mexico City, I will start here. I love your description of your interaction with the little girl and her mother. It is so nice to run across parents who don't apologize over such natural and warm behavior. Such a beautiful and colorful place. What a contrast to northern cities of North America, particularly in late winter and early spring!

Kathryn, we're using a system called Pristine. There are two little travel-size bottles of solution; that's it. We bought it at a large camping supply store - probably EMS or its equivalents would have it since it's a U.S. company. Here's the link: http://pristine.ca/

Peter -- it's snowing today back in Montreal. I feel so lucky to have had this break. And I hope you do get to visit Mexico again. "Natural" is exactly the right word for how I feel people are here. We've lost something with our obsessions about privacy and endless rules about public interaction, I think. It's nice to go back to a feeling of society as it was when I was a child myself.

Short sleeves, ice free streets, leafy foliage!
And add friendly people and it sounds like a great place to be right now.

We've never done a "warm holiday" -- neither of us have ever ventured further south than Los Angeles/San Antonio. Increasingly, we're thinking we need to give Mexico a chance one of these winters, and I like the idea of checking out such a vibrant city with its very rich history. Thanks for the preview!

Oh that "flag Bug"! Hi from two friends with similar vacation shortlist- cities even bigger than the one we all live in! Something about the richness and endlessly unfolding panorama of people.

Well, I'm sold, even though I wonder if I could deal with the rigors of everyday life in Mexico City. You are a lot younger than I am and so can deal with all that. Something to take advantage of while you can still do it! Our trip to Machu Picchu last year was my swan song for rigorous travel.
I think I mentioned on my blog that on my short visit to Mexico City I did not see any old people who were not holding on to younger people to keep from falling down. They love slick marble floors and there is tile everywhere! As with you, accidents are the hazards I really fear, not the people, who are lovely for the most part.
I'm glad you are staying well!

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