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March 19, 2014


So stunning, historic and colourful, these two posts! I"m glad you are enjoying it all and I look forward to more photos and stories. I still remember the ones from last year's visit.

Beautiful and enlightening as to the daily reality here.
The Mexican muralists are some of my favorites, particularly Tamayo and Orozco.

Just think there were guys who called themselves philosophers who went mad trying to turn base metal into gold. En passant, armed only with a camera and a critical eye a common house-fly would be proud of, you do the deed in one-fiftieth of a second. Out of the mess cometh order, I say, transfixed by your first pic. Sorry I dropped out for a few posts, I've got Tunbridge Wells on my mind.

Wonderful. Thank you.

A place for the imagination. The street scene reminds me of Lima.

The dove, or is it a pigeon, looks around hoping that you are not coming after her.
I like following you around on your trips here and there.

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