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March 27, 2014


Gotta love the tianguis (Tuesday market). We went to a huge one (~3/4 mile long) outside of Guadalajara, but they also had one in this tiny town we visited where friends of my traveling companion live. And food everywhere. I had warned my friend before we went that I needed to eat fairly frequently and she said, "You'll never go hungry traveling in Mexico." These scenes look very familiar.

I do so love markets. My love of such began when I first met Lucy, and it has never abated.

Gosh. I sooooo want to go there. Thanks for the pictures - just looking at them makes me feel warm.

"One of the things we like so much about Mexico is the emphasis on small, independent family businesses -- franchises do exist but they are much less prevalent, and people seem to patronize the person they know who makes fresh juice, or repairs chairs, or does the laundry . . ."

How glorious, how humane! I have friends who moved to a small town near here and who love just this kind of atmosphere and concept of community. More than anything else, the lack of relationships makes me want to move out of the soulless suburbs and into the small town or the big city, I usually don't care which.

Oh, Beth, such warm, thoughtful photos. Thank you so much.

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