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March 30, 2014


Ugh... sorry you had to come back to this. Looks really miserable.

Oh, I just don't think I could it. . . . I'm sure you people all have better characters and other compensations, but I don't think I could!

Wow - stay warm!

Did you come back to vote or to take a few more snow photos before it all disappears? 59 years ago I said YES in Germany and look where I ended up.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr! When's the next flight back to Mexico?

It's simply beautiful! Your photos have a real sense of place or maybe it's just my imagination is working today cause they give me a feeling of the rawness of the cold sharp air and an idea of how gorgeous it can be where you live. Of course, I've only dealt with such weather on a few days basis at a time and cannot really imagine what it would be like to live in such weather for any length of time.

Oh that is grim!

It's subtle but it's still propaganda. Look here Vladimir (ie, Putin), you're saying, you wanna a snowball fight on the Steppes? The North Americans can sock it to you and what's more they play hardball. Embedding their missiles with fragments of roof tile.

All that stuff about gently sweating South Of The Border was pure deception. Here's more of your message: If there are people living above the XXth parallel (I've forgotten the numbers) who are prepared to cycle to choir practice under such conditions, just imagine what they might do if the chips were down.

Bad taste, I know. On another day and in another state of mind, I might have asked a gentle question about Fra Angelico or modes and the Gregorian chant. But here I am, stinking up the place, giving my marginal knowledge of American slang a work-out. You should have me banned pro bono publico.

Welcome back.

Yes,you are made of sturdy stuff!

A bike? Come on!

It finally warmed up here today--I'm sure hoping it's coming your way soon--

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