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April 02, 2014


Oh, that last one would make me a very happy girl.

Spending a long weekend in a well-enough to do town in California for my brother's wedding and going to more than good enough restaurants beside the fantastic wedding cooking, I experienced a constitutional elation entirely as a result of the unbroken chain of fine nutrition.

I take it you're in receipt of some form of dispensation. That you're able to take photos like these with your salivary gland completely under control. There's an ineluctable conclusion here: after a pause for photography (which seemed longer than it was in real time) the food was eaten. Hurriedly. And without recourse to napkins.

Can't figure out what some of it is: the white corrugated thing next to a tied black parcel? The black-spotted scoop (ice cream?)on a sort of pitta next to a bag of crisps/potato chips?
And the top photo, roast chicken: was it a take-away, complete with table-oven to cook it in?

​Natalie: Hah! OK: the white corrugated thing is a tamale, wrapped in a corn husk. The tied black parcel is a banana leaf containing a meat and polenta filling. The "scoop" is just a weird angle on a regular corn tortilla that's sort of folded. The crisps were made right on the street from sliced potatoes fried in fat, and served with hot sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime - one of the most delicious things imaginable. And the top photo is indeed a roast chicken on a table-grill, but that's how it was served in the restaurant - they roast them first then cut them up and put them on the grill-thing which keeps them warm or continues cooking them - you can fool around with it at your table.

Oo-er! and much yum! And the third picture I assume is fish, which looks as good as the chicken. I'm losing my mind! My wits are becoming addled with saliva! Be gentle with us sweet Beth.

​Yes, it was very definitely a charbroiled fish, which appeared previously (and unbidden) at our table on a platter, still quite alive, for our approval.

Neither of us went there feeling extremely keen on Mexican food, but we were more adventurous this time and were rewarded.​

Our favorite restaurant in the city (not shown here) is an upscale Lebanese place with the most exquisite versions of classic dishes I've ever had..​

thanks, Tom -- I'll go gently from here on.

Oh wow. Is that green drink an avocado smoothie?

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