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April 03, 2014


Beth. That is wonderful! And very refreshing, after viewing George Bush's painting!

I'm mesmerized by those avocados -- I've dabbled the littlest, littlest bit with watercolours and it's so cool to see how you've worked the colour and the value (not sure if I'm using that term correctly, but perhaps you know what I mean). Wonderful, thanks!

I don't read any blogs so much these days but recently acquired Teju Cole's novel 'Open City' (amazingly found in a thrift shop here in south west Turkey) and am really enjoying reading it and I thought of you. So I just had a bumper catch up session on your blog. Have to say we left UK to escape gloomy winters and don't regret it one bit. Here we do still get occasional cold spells (nothing like Montreal) but only very rarely do we have gloomy weather with grey skies. In general the light is clear and bright which is what makes the difference I think. And now the citrus blossom has just started to open and shortly the whole village will smell wonderful for a few weeks.....and the sun is shining. Keep up your good work.

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