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April 30, 2014


Oh, I really like this, Beth. The colors are rich and deep and the texture really pops.

It's cold and rainy here too, though in town the forsythias are blooming, and I hope that in a week or so they will do so on our hilltop, too.

Kia ora Beth,
This reminds me amazingly like the tarns on the top of the Ruahine range here in New Zealand. I was just camped at them last week while on a tramp with Pohangina Pete. :)...hope you are well e hoa.

Lovely effects in this, Beth. If you were to crop it so all landscape reference vanishes it would still be lovely. Isn't it interesting that we respond to accidental,rough beauty whether in art or nature, when it's generally order and regular pattern that dominate? The popularity of abstract art, especially spontaneous textural effects, seems to demonstrate our need for breaks from linear thinking.

Acrylics are certainly versatile, especially when used with some of the many mediums available - I like matt medium to take away the glossiness and also some of the glazing and impasto mediums.

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