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April 11, 2014


Oooh, wonderful patterns indeed! The tile design in the fourth photo makes me curious for it seems almost Islamic or maybe it's the Spanish/Moorish influence?

Yes, I think there's a good chance you would be thrilled by Spain...

Stunning photos, Beth

I too would have though these were Spanish if you had not said otherwise. And in Spain you are ever conscious of the proximity to Africa. Enjoying these so much!

All those design influences: Spanish, Middle Eastern, European, Mexican...what a rich mix. Everything blending together and it all works. They are an artistic people.

Marja-Leena -- I think that's exactly it. This church had a courtyard with a fountain and all the detail was Moorish, so I think you're right.

Vivian -- yes, I hope to get there someday!

Thanks, Jan, thanks, Duchesse.

Hattie, I'm really awed by the Mexican attention to visual detail and design; it's one of the things that makes me love being there. Quite the opposite of Quebec, frankly.

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