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June 23, 2014


I currently live in Massachusetts - there is a plethora of farmer's markets, Whole Foods stores, local independent organic food stores, CSAs and you can even buy raw milk straight from the dairy. I'm moving to VT sometime in the near future where I think even more exists.

During the past 10+/- years the farmer's market in the small town (pop.4,500. spread out on 42+km2) of Val-David next door has developed into something so very special that nobody wants to do without. On Saturdays between 10 and 13.00hrs we go and chose and return home with the best of meats, vegetables, breads, oils and you name its. And, when meeting a friend relax at tables set up under a tent.
20 years ago town council did not want to hear of it.

Oh my goodness, Beth, those photographs are stunning.

We belong to a CSA; this will be my 19th year as a member, and Ethan's 21st or 22nd. It's one of my favorite places on earth. We usually go there on Saturday mornings to retrieve a bag of glorious produce, and to pick some of the pick-your-own crops like berries and beans and herbs. If I'm working at synagogue, Ethan takes Drew; if I'm not working, then I take Drew there, and I consider the farm absolutely to be holy ground...

I wish I could come and shop at your market, though! and could enjoy a summer feast with you and Jonathan in that park across from your house.

Blessed with 2 fairly close by Farmer's Markets! A visit to both is a must Saturday mornings.Rest of the week hit random "end of the driveway" types. Love this time of the year!

Especially enjoyed after our typical Western NY winters.

Our small town has a farmer's market just starting its second year. And we have farm stands and a CSA. We grew tons of vegetables ourselves until this year when we shrunk the garden to a wonderful horse shoe shaped raised bed and some large pots.

We also have 3 bakeries nearby and at least one brewery. We also have restaurants featuring local foods, that started in the last couple of years. And Portland, Maine (about 1 hour and 45 mins away) is a mecca for all kinds of local food and markets and restaurants.

Wild asparagus! Does that really exist? Truly, Beth, you have ended up in Paradise without the awkward necessity of dying. Here late May and most of June asparagus - that prince, king, queen, emperor, benign despot of vegetables - is available in supermarkets (but not, as during the rest of the year, flown in from Peru) and the less lazy may drive out to the fields of PYO. Olympian fields indeed, But wild asparagus - as if God intended to convert the few non-converts left. A sign! An augury!

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