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June 21, 2014


I love bougainvillea! I had a plant for several years, bringing it indoors into the solarium in winter. It is not heated so one exceptionally cold winter, though the temp stays above freezing i there, it was too cold and it perished even though it didn't freeze. Now I almost want to try one again!

We saw bougainvillea in bloom on the east coast of Italy when we visited one October years ago.

Much pleasure and good luck with yours - your studio sounds perfect for it.

Sorry, it was on the west coast of Italy, somewhere north of Rome.

Don't worry about the plant, Beth. In such good hands as yours it can only strive for perfection.
The first time, 20 years ago, when I was driven around in a little tourist town up north, I was told " we are now in bougainville area". In the translation the words poor-lazy-uneducated and slums came up.

Oh, I love bougainvillea. It grows all over San Antonio, where I was born and reared; and of course it grows all over the Middle East. I like your drawing very much. (And the photograph of Jonathan. :-)

This is something I consider very difficult to draw, but you've drawn it so well. I am glad to read that it can be managed in winter too. Bangalore is full of these flowers in many different colours.

Nice drawing. I like the different line weights.

I've been trying to decide whether I might ape J's glasses-strategy. Lacking his eyebrows and his tache/beard set-up I doubt whether the dashing immediacy of his what-have-we-here, swept-up specs would do for me what they do for him. Hence, I wear grannie-strings - not chic at all. But as Tom Lehrer said: "the secret of success (is) plagiarise." He was talking about mathematics but it's a rule that applies to other walks of life. Becoming a J-acolyte could be the career step I've been waiting to take for seventy-odd years.

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