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June 04, 2014


Beautiful, Beth. Having just returned from a visit to my own parents, in south Texas -- my Dad will be 80 this year; my Mom just turned 78 -- this post is particularly poignant for me.

Yes, so beautiful a spot, I can understand how you love it. This is poignant for me too as it brings back for me sadness and tears as I recall my parents' summer cottage in Manitoba. It was sold after mother's death for my father did not want to go there alone all the way from BC where , by this time, they spent the winters. They both died too young.

The photo shows where (at least in part) your vitality comes from.

My parent's cottage in No. Michigan had doors with the shapes and dates of prize fish caught in the lake woodburned onto them, and a flowing artesian well with a live box. (Sooner or later those fish ended up on a plate!) I miss the place, and them.

When I saw the photo on the boat on FB, I thought at first it was an ad for some upstate NY lake! It does sound like a lovely place. Glad your dad is so fit and active. I'll be visiting my 86-yo dad in a couple of weeks, but he uses a walker and is very sedentary. I haven't been up at the beach where my parents retired on the NH seacoast yet this year, given the chilly spring and as yet changeable weather. I loved being up there evenings when all the day trippers had gone home, although my memories are somewhat fraught with conflicts with my mother and my own unhappiness too much of the time.

I will be going up this summer to get my mother situated on Beaver Island. She's 92. How many years will she be able to handle the cabin? My siblings and I can only hope she enjoys as many years as possible

What a wonderful respite. You are certainly blessed with your Dad. Terrific picture of the two of you--you look so happy.

An idyllic setting indeed. Now physical exercise? Fine if it is a necessary result of some other worthwhile activity, but exercise for the sake of exercise? Shudder the thought! :)

What a stunning landscape and all the more wonderful that it's in your family and in your heart. It's great that your Dad is doing so well and living life to the full - forever young (my motto!).

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