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June 13, 2014


Beth, so much to think about and comment on in this post but for now just a quick word re Abramovic. I haven't been to her Serpentine showing nor will I go. I can't bear this woman's pretentiousness, self-exaltation and pseudo-profound 'messages' but most of all, I can't stand the worshipful, hypnotised groupies who will put up with the boring, interminable queues and rules she dictates just to be in the same room her. I think she plays the same role as the Sado/Maso Mistress and her public falls into the roles of her slaves.

The review by Richard Dorment is exactly right, apart from the last bit when he too falls under the spell: "..I was the one who most needed to be there.." (the critic afraid to go against the stream).

P.S. to the above: I hope my comment didn't sound like I was criticising you, Beth, if you are an Abramovic admirer. I don't go along with a lot of cultural trends and artists or events that others, including people whose judgement I respect, find praiseworthy. But that's just me. The longer I live, the less I find to like or be impressed or stimulated by in our culture. Abramovic is just one of the many examples - I could go on but I'd start ranting!

Martin Buber, however, in "I and Thou" says everything that, to me, is true and inspiring. And your landscapes are beautiful.

Beth, Natalie: Did you see the video on the Huffington Post of the performance artist exposing her vagina in front of that headless nude painting in the Orsay?
Laugh, I thought I would die, as my next door neighbor used to say. Some onlookers applauded, and most of them looked at the very least pleased or bemused. The guards did not quite know what to do!
To me, this is the essence of art: playful, ironic. Without those qualities, at least in these postmodern times, art does not seem to be doing anything except to affirm the status quo. I think the guy who nailed his scrotum to the floor might have been going too far, however.
Don't mind me, Beth. It's been a long weekend of behaving myself and being a nice grandma!

Hattie: Please explain how to expose a vagina without surgery.

Is exposing a vulva what you meant?

She gave a pretty good internal view, actually. But let us move on...

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