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July 21, 2014


Wrote to my senator today. Feel so incredibly helpless. All these lives sacrificed.

Yes, Mary, and for what? You're doing what you can do...I feel helpless too. It's been this way throughout history: a few angry, arrogant leaders have the power to squander countless lives, so many of them completely innocent. When are we going to wake up?

Beth, the flowers are beautiful, as is the photograph. It is true that beauty does not stand up against tragedy or hate. Flowers are easily crushed by a soldier’s boots. But beauty lasts much longer than the worst dictator or the most violent war. Who now remembers the reasons for the hate that gripped the hearts of people in the Middle Ages, or that sent young men to their death in the Great War? Yet we seek the quiet stillness at the heart of a Romanesque cathedral, and listen to the music of Maurice Ravel and Ralph Vaughan Williams.


On vacation, just getting connectivity and hearing the latest news. Oh my... So sad.

Music speaks where words fail. I had a friend, way back in the 80s, who, when I tried to say something conciliatory about the Israel/Palestine situation (I was trying to be diplomatic!), flew into a rage, yelling and swearing at me. He belonged to one of the communities involved - I won't say which as it would only enrage anyone reading this who thinks like he thought then. There's a desperate need in this situation for "insiders" to speak out for peace and justice.

Right now, to me "a heavy heart" is no metaphor.

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