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July 14, 2014


Beautiful painting; beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing both, and for modeling for me the truth that the best hours of my morning might be used for art and love rather than for agonizing over the misery I'm reading on Twitter.

Thank you for this beautiful text and for the symbolic painting.
Sadly, it seems that our world is more and more about hate than love....

That is a stunning painting, powerful.

One of your masterpieces!

Beautiful painting, Beth, and beautiful post.

Words and images... hard but necessary in this pain. Thank you for yours.

This is so beautiful and provides a deep endorsement for contemplative practice.

I've found Compassionate Nonviolent Communication, the work of Marshall Rosenberg, to be invaluable in putting hands and feet to any spiritual practice, and guiding the everyday communication between persons. Anyone interested might check the Center for Nonviolent Communication's web site, www.cnvc.org for the process and resources.

Thank you for this, Beth.

What they all said. Beautiful in every way.

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