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August 29, 2014


How true!
Thanks Beth

One of these days I hope to visit Montreal. My daughter, who lived in upper New York State for several years, visited the city several times and loved it.

A lovely post, Beth. Excepting the beauty of the countryside that you display in your pictures, I was reminded of one of our stays in Paris. It was a late September evening, and crowds of people had congregated in front of Notre Dame, all jabbering away in many foreign tongues. Gradually they all appeared to focus on English. It was a time of coming together. It's that reaching out cosmopolitan behaviour that I so love about Paris. But the whole world is not like that. I would suggest that not only is it never likely that all mankind will live in harmony, but also that for reasons beyond reason, that goal is impossible to achieve. It won't stop us trying, however, and it may be the trying that is more important than the achievement. That may well be part of the agony of being truly human.

I was sitting on a carpet of dead pine needles and young moss patches the day I felt so very calm and content and knew that I would never forget this particular picture of my surroundings.

Beth, thank you for this ...

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