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August 05, 2014


If J. had taken the photo a second later he could have captured the little banner the hawk was dragging along. It said "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY J & B !!!"


Bon Anniversaire! The surroundings look truly beautiful; looking forward to the video.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

I agree with Martine he just wanted to be part of your fun day and couldn't resist!! Again congrats to you two!! Xxoo

Wonderful!! Happy anniversary, my dears.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary with an adventure: I like that. For most of us getting married is the biggest adventure we ever make though that word doesn't usually crop up during the speeches. Adventures are I suppose ex post facto; to refer to them while slicing the cake might be thought pessimistic, raising the possibility of things going wrong.

The speech I made at my own wedding reception was one of the worst intellectual crimes I ever committed. I shudder at its inadequacy, the lack of preparation, the ludicrous conviction that I - the callowest of callow youths - could "wing" it.

Should I have taken the adventure theme? Saying: some days we'll doubt the decision we made today, some days we'll fall out, money will raise its ugly head. But happily adventures aren't always downwards. I'm sure there'll be days when we recognise the rightness of this decision, etc.

To have a hawk visit you on your adventure, has to be symbolic. The very embodiment of aspiration. Of daring, of purposeful beauty. I like to think too that music also played a part, even if it consisted of nothing more than a few snatches passing through your consciousness as you pedalled a higher gear than usual.

Nice to see that this was an occasion for leaving the furry parka behind; my goodness how the clich├ęs about Canada tend to persist.

That serendipitous bird caught on camera, a good-luck charm undoubtedly. I can't better such a briliantly orchestrated gift but send you and Jonathan my heartfelt congratulations and wishes for many more years of celebration.

May you enjoy many more years together.

Predatory animals have feelings too. He or she just wanted to celebrate!

Anniversaries should always have a little extra kick of surprise!

Bit doubtful it is a hawk in fact, the head and beak look a bit narrow and pointed... I tried enlarging it in a photo editor but it went all pixellated. Still, the main thing is to wish you a happy anniversary, 33 sounds like a rather special number, as indeed they all are! Happy days to you both.

What fun! Great photo.

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