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October 04, 2014


Ah, the philosophical - nay, Biblical - implications of the word North Americans have chosen as a synonym for autumn. Translated into French (I'm allowing myself to dangle) we find ourselves celebrating (well, perhaps observing) a very different event involving that chap who's said to be just around the corner but who is, in fact, representative of all of us at our worst.

You see glories, I see dying flowers. I fear I stumbled in through the wrong door. But there is hope, and I await your exciting news on Monday. Could it be redemptive?

Reading this Sunday evening and feeling impatient! Just back from the blazing Laurentians, walking though drift of maple leaves- bliss.

Ha! I've just posted a vase of flowers too! Beth, I think I know what the impending announcement is and I look forward to it.

By the way, why are you such a stranger to my blog nowadays? I miss you!

I can quite smell those chrysanthemums, so redolent of autumn, which is good in your language and mine!

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