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October 06, 2014


I've just spent most of the afternoon immersed in "How Many Roads?"; what I especially enjoy is its balance of social criticism and tenderness. Evocative for those who lived this time but also resonant for those asking similar questions today.

Thank you, Duchesse! We're both happy that you've been enjoying the book, and are very glad to know that you picked up on the poignancy. I hope young people of today may find something to think about - and something attractive - about these times that seem still pretty near to a lot of us, but are practically ancient history to them!

Congratulations to Jonathan and to you, Beth! After all the years of work, it must feel glorious to see the beautiful results of your hard work. Fred and I are both eagerly looking forward to our copy of "How Many Roads?" Those were the years when we were finisheing university, married, got our first professional jobs and read about and watched on TV all that activity to the south of us. It's our history too.

Bravo bravissimo! Heartfelt congratulations to you both. I hope the book is a tremendous success and receives all the attention it deserves. Am off to order my copy now.
What a beautiful photo of Jonathan, looking at us with those soulful eyes!
Will you be posting pics (or video?) of the launch party?

Just ordered hardcover with print for our family!! Will make a wonderful Christmas gift!!!! So excited for both of you!! Your hard work is paying off!!! Can't wait to receive it and maybe see you two sometime over the holidays??????
Love to you both!!
K &H

Thank you, Marja-Leena and Fred! As we're finding in Montreal, too, the history of that period overlapped a lot in our two countries, and there are a lot of people here for whose personal histories were shaped by that time, too. I look forward to hearing your reactions to the book!

Natalie, thanks so much! (I like that picture of J. too.) Yes, I'm hoping that a good friend of ours will give us some of the photos he took at the lancement - we were both too busy that night to take any.

Kathy, thank you so much, and we definitely hope to see you and the family over the holidays!

I just placed my order and am very much looking forward to receiving my copy. It looks so beautiful and necessary. Thank you for making this testament to the soul of those times, the turning point for so many.

I'm placing my order. This sounds like the book I've been waiting for about this period.

Congratulations to Jonathan! What a feeling that must be to open your own published book.

Just ordered. 'Twil be like coming home, in a sense. We spent half the sixties in Pennsylvania. Ah the dear sad face of McGovern - proof, if ever it were needed, that in the USA nice guys finish last.

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