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October 21, 2014


Wonderful photos of a very happy event! Wish I could have been there, the studio looks amazing. Congratulations!

Thanks for these, Beth. Your friends (and yourselves) all look great. Wish I could have been there. May there be many more such celebrations.

I was there in spirit and for the best of reasons. Quick glance through the pix and the only evidence of booze being available is the glass in your hand. Gracefully I would have conceded you the right. I mean, look, I'm even writing shorter comments.

How delightful to share this event and, even better, your expression of it as a marker in your own migration. What a blessing to be surrounded as you were/are with love and appreciation!

I wish you all could have been there, too! (Robbie, never fear, there were several cases of delicious Portuguese wine at the ready, though the guests didn't drink as much as we'd expected.)

What wonderful photos! You both look radiant, and I love catching these glimpses of your studio.

And, I'm so glad that after ten years in Montreal (amazing that it's been so long!) you're feeling the threads of your life and creativity integrating in a new way. <3

So sorry to have missed it -- should have played hooky from school! Beautiful photos of you both and your community of friends. Looking forward to seeing Jonathan's book soon.

Agree it is wonderful to see you two enjoying such a happy occasion. Also great to see Jonathan receiving well deserved recognition of his talents! Wish we could have been there...can't wait to see his book!!! Xxxoooo

Is that Janet Best in the first photo? Small world.

What a fabulous post! So happy for you both!

Montreal (and your friends) are very lucky (and grateful) to have you here!

This is such a good healthy looking group of people. Makes me want to move up your way. Everyone looks happy.

Oh what fun! I hope my copy of the book will be waiting for me when I get back to Hilo!

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