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November 18, 2014


Hah! It sounds like Manon is the person who's talking in the description above. Maybe she is. She's certainly decided it's her quilt!

Ooose kitty are YOU? Ooose ittle wittle kitty? (Cannot resist.) A flannel sheet inside, how perfect for washing.

Beautiful work, Beth! I admire your patience.

I've only done freehand design machine patchwork on clothing items and still have an unfinished jacket in a trunk somewhere from decades ago. I've let my long ago sewing skills get very rusty.


Simply awesome. I can stitch a button at the most so my admiration for people who can make an entire patchwork quilt is enormous. I always thought it was something 'other people' make and here you are making it, and that too by hand. Your creativity branches out in so many ways Beth, I am amazed.


Looks great! (and so does Manon)

Wow, that's beautiful, Beth! And I see Manon has claimed it already.

Looks great Beth!!! Hope to see you guys soon <3

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