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November 15, 2014


Inspiring Beth!The drawing but also the attitude.

As you lounged among the cushions "odalisque" sprang to mind. Glad I checked the meaning and it really won't do at all. But on the basis of the word itself, and a dim wholly imprecise guess at the meaning (not a characteristic of the people who comment on The Cassandra Pages) might it be allowed a fleeting resting place here in your comment box?

Beautiful, Beth -- both the drawings and the reminder that a kind of diverse coexistence is indeed possible.

(And: I love the smell of nargila / sheesha smoke. Ever since my first trip to Amman in 2002, though I probably also encountered it as a teenager in Egypt in 1989...)

These are full of life. So nice and free. How lucky you are to live in a cosmopolis like Montreal; even if it does get cold there seem to be many indoor diversions.

"I don't get upset when they don't". Lots to learn there, thank you.

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