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November 13, 2014


My Vancouver B.C. cousin does art quilts. I have one in my office. I might post a pic of it sometime. She does not value it as much as some of her other work, but I think it's her best one.

Manon on the partial quilt made me laugh. Ah, cats.

I appreciate your wisdom that it's okay not to finish certain things but just to listen to them.

I'm eyeing the top part of your palm watercolour. there are resonances, don't you think, in both the forms and the colours? I love the quilt and appreciate your helper. do you think it's the warmth of the freshly ironed patchwork she's drawn to? At the Vermont Quilt Festival one of the most popular events is a parade of quilters on stage to display their former UFO's (UnFinishedObjects) to great applause. (but no pressure. none.)

Art and craft blogs, and perhaps those generally dedicated to specific activities, especially visual ones, are perhaps the ones that will endure and maintain most sense of purpose. There are some I visit regularly, not necessarily about things I want to make or do myself, but the brightness and energy of them always give me a kind of transfusion of joy and motivation!

I've got a quilt I use as a throw in my workroom that my sister, who died a few years ago, made for my 18th birthday, it's full of resonances; I carried it from place to place wrapped up then finally got it out and washed and repaired it. I'm inclined to think it's better to have things out and in use, even if it risks damaging them, than keeping them stored and/or precious. Sometimes this entails finishing them roughly in a curtailed kind of way and re-purposing them; why not quickly fold your beautiful blue-green quilt over and seam it, put an old blanket in it and put it in the sun somewhere where Manon likes to sit?

It's a liberating thing when you realise there are things you don't want or need to do any more, even though you did once. I too used to sew a lot and enjoyed it, but then a while back I looked at my modest heap of material and unfinished sewing projects and realised they made me feel weighed down and guilty, but in contrast when I looked at my stash of yarn it filled me with happy anticipation and ideas, even though the prospect of fulfilment for most of them was just as remote!

Why dont you use this as part of a the quilt back of your new quilt.

Thanks for all the good ideas and your comments about your own projects. I worked on the quilt for several hours today and extended the larger blue-triangle strips; if they go all the way around and I add a border, it will be big enough, and that seems worth doing. Heading back to the cutting table now. Manon was doing that race-stop-race away thing when the quilt was on the floor, making a big mess, but now I've put it on the couch and she is all curled up in the middle and quiet. She looks quite handsome there.

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