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November 21, 2014


These are beautiful drawings. I love the rapid energy of your lines and how much beauty they bring to the images of everyday objects.

All the images you post are worthwhile but this one - the bottle - in particular. Taking a photo is over in a moment, there is little engagement. A drawing (even done retrospectively) requires time, concentration and imagination - all of which form the drawer's tribute to the subject. You have not merely passed through; your commitment is obvious, especially important as accompaniment to a post in which you sympathise with Mexico and Mexicans. A drawing beats text since text is more a matter of mediation. I've envied you your other skills (How's the choir going?), now here's another.

Thanks, Priya. These drawings seem to be emerging on their own and I'm just following the prompts. It's odd. I do feel like they're lively, and am glad if that comes across.

Roderick, thanks for your comment. All I can say is that drawing is an activity that helps me get through life. It's a time of stepping back from the fray, concentrating, meditating in a way. Like practicing an instrument, it's not escapism but a different way of experiencing oneself, where the relentlessness of time and human demands seems less important for a while. And then, gradually, something is built up from those small retreats from ordinary life. you should know: writing is another such activity.

thanks beth and yes I share an affinity for Mexico as well.I was first there so long ago when I was about 19. " you say about our Govt. we 'refuse their citizens entry' yeah well last year I send airline tickets to Mexico so that a student from a very small town in Mexico we had supported financially for about three year through a Rotary Charity could,as a High School graduation present, come to Canada to spend two weeks with us. Because of the visa requirement she had to go through the hassle and expense and go the Canadian consulate in Guadalajara to do that.As well the consulate required a letter from me confirming I would carry all the expenses and see to it she was bundled home after two weeks.I did that.Then MY PEOPLE in Guadalajara don't you know contacted me,and people in my office will attest that was not a good day,
and I was informed I needed to provide satisfactory evidence of my financial werewithal to make sure I could backstop my commitment.Okay when the student Nathaly arrived and it was clear to me despite her understated manner and innate politeness,her reception at Canada customs/passport control,was not friendly,I let that go as anyone can have a bad day. But in my faxes to then Minister Kenney's office not so much.I said the Prime Minister had gone on record as promising to fix the visa irritant with Mexico. 'Where is the beef?'.I take getting jerked around personally ,I am your base but you can tell your people not to bother calling me anymore seeking $ for the Party

Maybe it is high time we make drugs legal with regulations. Having them illegal certainly doesn't seem to keep anyone from using them.

You have become so prolific all of a sudden. I like all your drawings,especially the kitchen sink abstraction,which amuses me.

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