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November 05, 2014


Fascinating! I'm always at least as interested in your "unpacking" of your drawings as I am in the works themselves. . .

Your drawings are changing, becoming more intriguing.
And the book came, as I told you. I love it. It's out now on loan to a neighbor, and when she has read it and when I have had time to reflect on it I'll have more to say.

I wondered, too, what drew you to that composition, and your explanation is illuminating and touching.

Folk can write too while thinking about something else completely. However, it's not to be recommended. In my experience it can lead to sentences out of order in a paragraph. A very strange effect. You re-read, looking to correct, you get the sense but as if through butter muslin. Amazingly, it may take time to diagnose the fault. A nightmare in paragraphs devoted to summary.

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