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December 23, 2014


Thank you for this beautiful post, Beth -- words and images alike. Thank you for this blog, which feels like an oasis in the wilderness of these dark days.

Beth, I love your coffee-pot image and all its associations and I also connect strongly with all that you write in this post. I too ask myself these unanswerable questions and still wonder what direction my work should take in these troubled times. But whenever I think I should try to creatively address specific issues, the specific miseries that plague the world we live in right now, a voice in me says:
Hasn't it always been like this? Yesterday, today, tomorrow? Hasn't humankind always suffered, and caused suffering? Isn't it an endlessly repeated saga, differing only in its cast of characters, plots, names, places, dates, settings?
This voice stops me in my tracks and then I thing: the answer - if there is one - must lie somewhere else.

'thing' should of course be 'think'.

Thank you for this post Beth. Your message is rich with hope. I think that little, mute donkey worn smooth by the touch of hands is an image that is going to stick with me.

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