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December 05, 2014


I'm not sure one can be proud of being a non-racist. Otherwise the list is endless: I for instance am not a serial murderer, not a Republican voter, not the author of The Da Vinci Code. Proud of these non-achievements? Perhaps quietly content is better. I am after all a Brit. Of the worst kind.

I tease, of course. And about something that is horribly serious. One of the minor byproducts of racism is that it prevents us from disliking someone if they also happen to be different from us in some way, given the predictable misguided responses this may generate. Dislike is probably crass but I reserve the right to launch it if I decide the object of my dislike is incorrigible. Thus I am an indirect victim of racism. I must keep my mouth shut at times when I'd prefer to act the critic.

You could say silencing my vituperation makes for a better world. I would agree, reluctantly. But would seethe inwardly.

I've had a fair amount of experience with people of color in my life: friendships, work colleagues. I know a fair amount about the lives of middle class black people. Anyway I think their lives are mostly about them,as ours are about us.
If you want a fun take on the racial divide, look at the blog,Stuff White People Like.

I must add that Stuff White People like is mostly about American hipsters, who are very status conscious and insecure. It's funny, though, how tastes align themselves in certain ways which seem natural but are culture-driven.

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