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December 10, 2014


That is so beautiful

This is an absolutely terrific photo!!! I just love it. Get this printed and framed, Beth. It almost looks like a painting. Her companion, I think, is just a bit behind the little girl--a black and white dog, perhaps, a border collie? Definitely a snow-loving dog.

I agree....such a beautiful scene! Hoping to see you two sometime over the holidays.....are you still coming down?
Love to you both!

So pretty! Looks like a fairyland. Snow is lovelier in December, before it gets very old and tired by a couple of months or so later!

Stunning! But that little dog may not be so happy with the snow. Winter really asserts itself in your adopted city, Beth, unlike here in London which hasn't really decided what to make of it.

Oh, rapturous!

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