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December 08, 2014


That looks very gloomy indeed. Such an early start to winter!

I remember a winter spent in Stockholm where the sun went down around 2:30. I was in the metal department of the Art College. The sun only came up a short way above the horizon, we'd go skating on the rink by the school and skiing trails were lit.
I also remember a Christmas day walk in Montreal where my boyfriend and I were wearing our Canadian Army coats we'd bought for $5.00 each since we had little money. It was 25 below and our faces froze.
Here in NH this last storm has given us a miserable bunch of wet slush, much worse than a foot of snow. I think of it as climate change winter, just a couple of degrees off turns snow to freezing rain and rain. We'll push the mess off the driveway with the tractor and continue to work inside!
Guess I should write my memoirs!

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