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December 04, 2014


The drawings are all lovely but I like the first one best, especially how you've gotten the design on the plate with just a few loose pencil strokes.
Looking at your work inspires me to draw the pears I bought at Jean Talon. I love their shape.

Thanks, Priya. I hope you did draw your pears! And thank you for adding that batik pouch to my sketching kit. It was nice to draw it as well.

The Bamboo Mat look most natural, the dish most interesting. Living in Louisiana in my twenties, we had a tree in the yard. I loved the persimmons from there. After returning to the north I buy them when they rarely appear at the grocery. Never live up to that original experience. I loved their taste, look and the memories they evoke. Judith

I like the one on the wedge wood plate. I was just thinking, to be an artist you have to have very astute observational skills. It's amazing to me, how just a few lines can change an plum into a persimmon. Maybe to brighten the dark days of winter, we should all wear the color of persimmons!

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