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January 09, 2015


I want all that white stuff gone by May.


I love the arret sign, esp. since in France the stop signs just say STOP!
God that cold. I couldn't stand it, I know. Just looking at the photos make me shudder. We're going to Seattle to babysit our grandkids for a week, and even the degree of cold that we will experience there has me feeling sorry for myself.
Books and hot drinks are how I hope to manage this interlude.
Stay warm and cozy, Beth.

I love looking at your photos of Montreal. They are so...Montreal.

Love these pictures. We've been getting some of that cold and howling winds this past week or so, but very little snow. I feel for the crossing guard I pass every morning waiting to escort the school kids, and also the traffic cop they station at the exit driveway where I work to stop traffic on our busy road to let us get out and on our way home. Anyway, stay warm up there!

I saw a young man walking down the street in a t-shirt and jeans. He seemed fully in command. D. says he did that as a teenager- just adopted the mental attitude that it was about 13C.

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