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January 02, 2015


Still, all of these ideas merely skirt around the central questions of life and happiness: how to live with eyes and heart open within a world that is so tormented without getting depressed; how to get older gracefully and vibrantly; how to cultivate gratitude every day; how to be a kinder, gentler, ever-more-generous person while also taking care of one's own spirit and need for solitude, creativity, renewal; how to juggle our priorities and time and the needs of others clsoe to us; how to grow in love and awareness of the connectedness of everything.

Thank you for this beautiful articulation.

Well said, Beth. I'm right there with you

A very creative sight, your desk.

"What kind of person do I want to be if and when I have to deal with great grief, or the personal challenge of chronic or terminal illness? What makes someone the sort of person others want to be around, and what isolates others?" --good things to ask oneself, and I am thinking along the same lines these days.

Have a good next day, and the day after, and the new day after that.

These are like words of inspiration to my mind Beth. Seeing your desk and how productive and creative you are makes me want to get up and take these words to heart. I used to say I didn't know any happy people. Some would seem happy but then I'd get to know them and saw the same problems, confusion, and fears in them that the rest I have. The difference I think in an unhappy person and a happy person is in how the happy one deals their cards to the outside world and in how they refuse to project their struggles on to others.

These matters are very much on my mind- your questions- as well as the nuts and bolts of getting exercise when every outdoor footfall could bring me down. One of my favourite teachers used to say, "We are made for growth", and I hold on to that.

Does "cleaning up the mess of Picasa folders I've got now, or switching to a professional program" mean you're on the verge of Photoshop? Something tells me you're already there but if you aren't you'll have plenty to post about 2015 - 2020.

And plenty of time "to find meaning in the apparent clutter of our complicated lives?"

Bonne chance.

well said. I just took a deep breath!

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