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January 30, 2015


We've been having really good results with Quebec-grown Demers tomatoes, patiently home-ripened. They are not the succulent sweeties of August, but compared to the cardboard on offer most places, they are good. Those and the tinned San Marzanos, thanks be.
See www.phdemers.com

It's a slog,as I know from my years in Wisconsin. I used to grow Ming bean sprouts just to have something fresh to eat.

That top one is a great photo -- such a story it tells!

Duchesse -- are you getting the Demers tomatoes at Jean-Talon?

Hattie: Mung bean sprouts. Now that is serious desperation! I remember those days, before agribusiness gave us asparagus and strawberries year round. January and February in the north were really limited on the green-end of things. I grew alfalfa sprouts in a jar on the windowsill, and we ate a lot of broccoli and carrots. Yeah.

Frances: thanks, glad you liked it! I was pretty amused, took several shots, and was glad this one worked out.

Yes, I meant Mung beans. One of those helpful autocorrect mistakes.

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