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January 23, 2015


That sounds wonderful, Beth. We need a place like this here. I think it will happen eventually, but it will take some willingness on the part of artists here to share their talents and not always to set themselves up on a pedestal about their own art.
I appreciate the way you write about process in your work. It's very helpful to see work in progress, not just always the finished product.

How wonderful to visit your old creative haunts. Sounds like a truly wonderful place that every community should have.

Congratulations to Jonathan on his upcoming exhibition! Wish we were closer....

Echoing what Hattie and Marja-Leena said. What an encouraging journey into your past home territory,Beth. And brilliant news that Jonathan will have an exhibition in the Spring!

I imagine you might have felt twinges of regret about not being involved in the art center's progress anymore but your new Canadian life is full of creative activity too - new world, new beginnings and continuations!

An exhibition- swell! (Might this kick off a world tour?)

Arts centers, with classes, exhibition space, programs- immeasurably valuable. So happy you were there to see the evolution of your community's arts activities.

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