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February 26, 2015


Ha. Thanks, Beth. Yes, that does look familiar - except for the lovely spirally staircase which is not seen in Boston. Your foliage images make me think maybe I need to take a trip to a botanic garden soon. We went to the one at Wellesley College last year in March I think and it was like a quick trip to the tropics. And speaking of which, I envy you your trip to sunny Mexico. At least, as you note, the sunlight is increasing here in the northern latitudes.

Gorgeous colour and composition, especially in that top photo. And that cat Manon....well, what can I say? Such adorability cannot be allowed!

Just back from Quebec City where it was even colder... not one soul on the street at 9pm on a Wednesday evening and it was so cold I thought I could feel my brain rattling in my skull- and brilliantly sunny. In the surrounding fields at the base of the mountains we saw deer and fitches.

There are little fuzzy green spicules pushing through the bud casings on the branches of the magnolia trees here in Gloucester, MA, USA. That the trees are encased in shoulder-high snowbanks makes the green even more welcome.

I just saw a robin in my back yard, hopping about on a few feet of snow. And finding something to eat.
The great thing about living somewhere with a long cold winter is it doesn't take much to make you happy when spring comes.

It wouldn't be very difficult tp collage/splice the photo of manon in her blue blanket together with the alley above it where the snowdrift is blue and almost the same shape.

Hooray for hope! Ah, March.

You are missing Mexico! It was lovely there on the trip we just came back from, but I am glad to be home in Hawaii. Tough life I lead! I don't know if I could bear the frozen north any more.

My first sign of spring this year might be when my ten year old German shepherd can find ways around the snow, since he won't walk through it or play in it anymore. This is life in central MA, with an aging dog in the winter who wants to play but not in the snow, and makes it clear.

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