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February 23, 2015


Lovely to read and see your responses! I enjoyed reading about your creative processes and I'm very much looking forward to your new projects... the Annunciation book and the Magda Kapa one sound brilliant.
Thanks so much for agreeing to do this, Beth.

Thank you for inviting me, Laura, and for your kindness and interest in my work! Besides that, we will always have our Iceland bond!!

I love reading these answers! And I love glimpsing your process and seeing how it is and isn't similar to my own creative process. I have definitely found that trying to write a little bit every day helps me to keep the pump primed, as it were.

(And I cannot wait for the Mary book!!!)

The annunciation book sounds wonderful, Beth. Looking forward so much to that, and to what you may do in the future.

Beth, your answers are direct, relevant, thoughtful and self-aware and it's heart-warming to find these qualities always here at oasis Cassandra. I'm so glad that we are friends and I thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this 'around the world' artists' conversation.

Also much looking forward to seeing your next prints to illustrate annunciations!

Oh, that was so Beth--full of interest and beauty!

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