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February 20, 2015


Oh, I can't wait to see the cover! Your way with letters and words (in this capacity and all others) is lovely and so exciting.

There is a point at which calligraphy teeters scarily on the brink of illegibility (not of course in any of the examples you show). I hadn't realised until this very moment that this may be one of calligraphy's great attractions: flirtations with this boundary.

Does Ralph Beyer qualify? His work is often referred to as lettering. I was unaware of how type-faces (well, sort of) may enhance content until I visited Coventry Cathedral in my youth. There it was self-evident. Further enhanced by larger-than-normal size.

Beautiful, Beth. I love art made out of words.

I recognised Cornelissen immediately from that wonderful top photo! The shop is still there but has lost a lot of its previous aura, as well as some printaking materials they no longer stock.
Your calligraphic 'In the beginning...' is marvellous, Beth. I remember also admiring the image below (circle and triangle) before - I think it was part of a post quite a while ago. I hope you will do more in this medium, it seems an ideal way to combine bold, free gestural abstraction with the more formal structure of lettering.

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