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February 17, 2015


Oh that cheese is luscious! I grew up with the Lenten ritual of "giving something up" but now find it more aligned with my beliefs to simply give more during this time. (I suppose, since that decreases my discretionary income, it is giving up, too.)

Oh, these cheeses look amazing!

And I wish you blessings on this Ash Wednesday.

Kia Ora Beth,
I'm drooling....

Hereford (the city of) has its own favourite cheese shop, widely renowned, prize-winning, hugely expensive (some cheeses match fillet steak in price) and which appears to occupy about one-third the floor area of Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, three customers being a crowd. Has created its own much appreciated cheese, Little Hereford, of which you can go and watch the manufacture. Goes with pinot noir like a marriage made in heaven - Cain and Abel, Sacco and Vanzetti, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Je plaisante.

A serious cheeserie but with one difference: years ago, before we came to the county, it had the temerity to call itself Mousetrap. And I think that has helped its (peculiarly English) reputation. Imagine the frowns at a present-day marketing meeting if that name were now advanced.

I've just discovered your blog looking at pen and ink with w/c--so many beautiful images--and love the cheese shop. We are hoping to visit Quebec sometime in the year so this is extra fun for me. I'm a former French teacher who loves every occasion to speak the language so now I have plenty of reasons to seek out Quebec.

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