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March 20, 2015


Happy 12th birthday, Cassandra, and many more to come!

:-) Lots of love. xoxoxo

Happy Blogday, Beth! That snow mound reminds me of an hourglass slowly seeping away, counting down the time to spring... well, to when it really feels like spring. Enjoy your blog vacation! xxo

Come back when that has melted! A friend pointed out that when parking-lot mountains melt away, change and lost items scraped up by the plow often come to light.

Happy 12th and happy equinox and may both of you enjoy the rest. :)

Happy 12th to Cassandra and Beth! You return is anticipated as springtime is!!

Happy 12th. It's awesome. Have a great break and come back for many more years of blogging

Get a flame thrower and come back soon. I keep remembering the guy I saw who shoveled his mountains of snow into the street. I'm just about that tired of ice and snow.

Happy Birthday Beth and many, many more.... Mike

“ Creativity in all its forms is a passionate engagement with making something happen. Like falling in love, art is a disturbance of what is; a reordering of existing material; an encounter with otherness; and a baffled certainty that what is happening – long or short, brief or lasting – has to happen (the urgency of love and making). The happening of art renews, replaces or renames the tired old cliches of the obvious. Love changes us. Art changes us.

Visual artists do the looking on our behalf in the same way as religious orders used to pray on our behalf. The looking of the artist’s eye creates an object that we in turn pay attention to, because we know you have to look at art. Paying attention in this way both relaxes and stimulates the brain. It hardly matters whether or not you “like” the object in question. Concentration, engagement, the thinking and discussing that follow, lift us out of a mode of being that is purely instrumental. Art galleries are places to stand and stare; places to be human – and that includes being curious and voyeuristic.
Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt but it does lead to blurred vision. Visual art is a kind of cataract operation.”

Jeanette Winterson

Happy spring; happy blogiversary; enjoy your time away!

The first break in twelve years! Enjoy every day, dear Beth.

I do check your blog every day so I hope you will continue. You make me think I should go back to regular blogging because there are so many good things about doing it.
Waiting for spring here, my garden notebook says the frogs woke up April 21st last year. That's 3 weeks away and there is still about 18 inches of frozen snow in the yard. And I think it is about 10 degrees out!

Happy 12th, Beth. So enjoyed the last few days thoughtful ruminations. See you in the spring!

Bravo Beth, enjoy the break!

Have a good time on your sabbatical! I'll be looking forward to your return in April!

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