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March 03, 2015


Hi Beth - I know nothing about dreams but from trying to analyze my own I feel that anxiety and frustration ask "is there something going on close to you where you can't help to make things better"?

One of my friends, a Jungian analyst, once told me, "We are everyone in our dreams", especially the you-and-one-other person ones.

Delicious, Beth! I recognize the pattern... hurdles between here and completion...but your details gave me a calm and happy feeling none the less. I think richness in dreams... colour, aroma...and actually eating the food you dream about... augur well, no matter what the ancillary frustrations.

Perhaps this is a dream that I should be having!

Did you go to bed hungry? (:

Sharing a dream meal with someone is analogous to... well, perhaps we'll leave it at that. Thank goodness I left school at 15, denying myself the preparation for such a nightmare. Also, being "sent into this world scarce half made up" (intellectually, that is, not physically) has meant that I mostly find myself asking the questions in dreams, as in real life. Curious that: asking questions could typify ignorance and yet it brings with it a sense of power and control. Sorry. Just passing.

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