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March 17, 2015


so interesting to read this as I'm on the cusp of transition myself -- and wanting for time for contemplative solitude is a wish that may be granted in retirement, but I'm also moving toward a possible move to (more time in, if not full-time) the city, and more time with family. . .
Quiet and discernment seem key, and I much appreciate the reminders you post here of the relationship of those two elements to each other. And your thoughtfulness.
Thank you.

I too have found the anonymity of a city freeing after a small-town youth; seeing every kind of humanity reminds me of how I am connected to all, not just the homogeneity of my hometown population.
And, knowing how this story ultimately unfolded, seeing your art, reading your writing, I am grateful you heard that voice and took the leap.

Reading this, I realize how your decision to move out of the familiar to a more urban environment could have taken you somewhere else than Montreal and then we would have never met. Comme c'est fragile et précieux, une rencontre... I'm glad you chose to come here. I'm glad Montreal managed to charm you and convince you that it could be your home.

And I'm glad you keep on blogging :-)

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