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March 19, 2015


Thank you for this beautiful post! Setting priorities is so important as we grow older. Your post helped me clarify mine...

Oh dear Beth... what an appropriated post :)
I think I might be just starting the second third of my life, and still setting clear priorities is the key to move. I want to grow in my marriage, I desire to have personal/professional fulfilment helping people and I thirst of deep friendship.
I have to move on to get some of them, but it might cost me the others at some point. What is worse, it is already affecting others my personal (selfish?) quest for self-realization.
I feel disarmed, scared, trustful and supported at the same time.

I'm glad if it was a help in any way, Martine!

Magda, thanks for writing. It's always very tricky to negotiate the territory youv'e identified. Most of us -- especially Christian women, I'm afraid -- have been trained not to be "selfish." But when we ignore our own true self and true calling and identity, the result can hurt not only ourselves but those around us. There's always a cost, of course. I know you aren't selfish, so I hope you will find a middle way through this dilemma that comes to a lot of us eventually, and be able to make your best choices without guilt. Always glad to talk to you more about this, since I've been through it ;-)

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