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March 07, 2015


That's going to be a lovely quilt.

Love your colors Beth! Are you putting it together by hand or on machine??

Love the colors and how you've arranged them. Heaven knows we're all starved for color right now!

Beth. I love the quilt. I started one this winter also. I have some fabric just like your eggs shaped pattern and dots. My goal to begin with was one square a day which I kept up until the 20 squares were done. Then I took a little break. I I need to get back and do the rest. There is something very restful and satisfying in the process.

That, I imagine, will take a whole lot of stitching.

Beautiful colors, beautiful quilt-in-the-making. And yes, I can see the subliminal yearning for spring!

I respect your stepping away from FB, too. I am trying to train myself out of the habit of opening it up in another tab several times a day just out of sheer habit or boredom or distractability. I think I am a more contented and spiritual and stable human being when I spend less time there and more time either on my own work, or engaging with people like you in spaces like this one.

I could certainly use a nice quilt like that! It's cold here in Hawaii, at least by our standards. I am judicious in my use of Facebook, myself. The same with Twitter. I don't let them take up too much time. Most of my online time goes into blogging.

Essence of spring! I too do not FB and will will not add other platforms (Twitter, Instagram.)

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