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March 15, 2015


at 63 I know there are changes coming whether we plan it or not. With 2 elderly parents living with us (in a separate building) there is a good chance the best thing for us will be to move when they are gone. And that will be a huge change since we have been here for almost 40 years.
best wishes for your changes ahead...

A beautiful quilt in the making, and a beautiful summation of your life's many phases. May the next one be even more rewarding and rich, Beth.

Thank you for your close observation. The adults I knew growing up seemed so "settled", so stable, and now I suspect they experienced both orders of change of which you write. Moving here has put more change in my life than I thought, yet I moved here for that. Looking forward to your continuing exploration, reflected in the beauty of what you're creating.

I think I got to read this just when I needed to. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

I know what you mean, Beth. My life moves in cycles too, though not as defined as yours. You express the changes well. I hope your next phase will be everything you hope it will be.

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