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April 01, 2015


How I enjoyed re-reading this and revisitng your amazing character of a father-in-law. I loved your stories about him and this one is a delight!

It is fun and heart-warming to go back and visit one's old posts, isn't it? Thanks for sharing this again, Beth.

I am with the limbs amputated.One day when you and J. visit the west coast and check out our second home on the Island filled with books I think you will sense their unculled presence as a calming benign thing. I had such a time trying to figure out how to stack them ...by author,by subject,just random?.On the other hand soon I will need to go to Winnipeg to sort through my recently deceased father's books.Some are mine that I left when I went off to University,some are in German.What to do with them

two great posts I really enjoyed. We need to cull video tapes from 25 years of production. and obsolete equipment! anybody want a tape deck or a blue iMac?

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