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May 04, 2015


Wonderful. We have several palms. One tends to think a palm is a palm,but there are so many species and varieties.

These are beautiful. I'm in Texas now and my son keeps noticing palm trees with great delight (since there are none where we live.) Also the intricately braided palms (for Palm Sunday, I assume?) remind me of the braided-palm lulav holders we use at Sukkot...

The arches in the church are magnificent; I would like to live with such fronds framing our bed or dining table-even for an evening.

Hattie, I can't imagine living in a climate where palms are a normal occurrence! I just love them and wish I knew more about them - someday I'm going to visit the palm tree nursery we always pass when we are in Jacksonville, Florida - the idea of going and buying one to plant seems so impossible to me!

Rachel, I'd love to see a photo of a lulav holder. I was totally intrigued by these weavings which were quite different from the equally-elaborate ones hfor Palm Sunday ere in Quebec.

Duchesse, yes, me too! I thought the simplicity of this was stunning, and of course symbolic of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem that was being celebrated that day. Had to laugh, though, at the cable ties that were used to secure the palms to the wooden candle-holder statues!

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